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 1.  Street light tree

        Coconut tree streetlight is a new generation of patented product for civil lighting, integrating decoration and lighting function. It won the title of a patented and name brand of China in 2007. At present, there arethree varieties: single arm, double arms and multiple arms. The product is completely conforming to civil lighting standard in terms of specification and quality and it can be customized as required by the customer for special environment.         
        This product is widely applied to roads, streets, communities, squares and public civil environments and can perfectly merge with the environment, Thus old fashioned  monotonous and boring light pole can be finally replaced by beautiful trees.   

2. Date Palm tree 

         The date palm is equipped with 6 lamps on the neck and can replace the stiff common light, being a top grade ornamental plant in the day and lighting in the night for practical use.          It is applicable to road, street, community, square and public civil environment. With integrated light and tree, it functions in lighting, greening and beautification, etc.    

3. Garden Light tree

        Our new garden light tree series products can perfectly merge with the environment in the day as a substitute for monotonous and boring garden light pole

4.   Palm trees

       It is originated in the south of Qinling mountains-Huai River, with ever green round fan-shaped leaves and thick and big leaf stalk. It is remarkably full of vigor and attractiveness no matter in single, linear or mass planting. 

5. Siliver Beach tree

   It is originated in highland of the northeast and north of China, with branches profusely covered with leaves and graceful look. It is especially attractive with its straight, spotlessly white and delicate trunk. In particular, a beautiful landscape woods will be formed by mass planting of silver bitch

6. Pine tree

The artificial blackbark Chinese pine is available with cloud, water and many other designs and placed in mountains, by waters and in famous monasteries and temples, with major branches lying extensively just as the flood dragon creeping and lateral branches spreading like a big bird flapping its wings; in this case, the pine looks magnificent, natural 
and pleasant, especially gorgeous just like the floating clouds and flowing wate

7. Indoor plant & Shaped Tree

 Shaped tree is a woods-like plant developed by our artists carefully and meticulously. Its unique shape and elegant and free view are simply made by hand, giving profound artistic conception and the sense of god of tree and great pleasure. It is an environment friendly artwork ornament and the best product to decorate and beautify the environment.  

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